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Screen Printing.

At Hyspec we have large in house print benches that enables us to print large format work for all kinds of signage. We can produce aisle signage large and small for the retail market such as M&S and display signs for other companies that require high quality printing such as Tesco and Cadbury. This high quality is only achieved by having very specialised and experience printers which we have here at Hyspec. We can also print onto Glass, Plastics, belts, gaskets, wooden panels, transfer printed sheets and many more applications if needed. Our emphasis has always been on quality and accuracy. To maintain this, we fully inspect all work prior to packaging and delivery to our customers.

Metal Panel Printing

Here at Hyspec we have become very specialised at printing onto metal work. We have a number of converted print beds and purpose built...


We are able to print onto all types of plastics and polycarbonates of various thickness using high quality inks that give excellent adhesion to these hard surfaces.


We are able screen print onto wood using specialised inks for this type of material .We can achieve good quality multi colour prints for interior and exterior signs, plaques and information boards.


Our overlays are produced from polycarbonate or PVC, available with different surface finishes ie. Matt, Gloss.


We can produce interior or exterior stickers of any size or shape using very high quality vinyl for excellent adhesion.

Display Boards

We supply display boards for many major supermarkets and stores for aisle signage or interior and exterior signage that is weather proof and printed with UV stable inks that do not fade.


We produce labels of all types and sizes and for all applications that are very durable made from many different materials including plastic, polycarbonate, metal and paper.


When printing onto glass we use special formulated inks that have a glass promoter in the make of the ink which ensures very good quality and adhesion onto a very hard surface.